At Strothman and Company, we have a passion for serving entrepreneurs. In our 40-year history, we’ve served businesses as they launch, grow, transition and mature. We are pleased to introduce a few of our clients from a cross-section of industries. We consider their success to be our success.

“The year we started working with Strothman was the first time since starting the business that we didn’t owe the IRS a lot of money. It made us stable so we could reinvest that money. As a result, last year we had the biggest year we’ve had ever. We’re now able to plan for growth in new areas because of their strategic help.”

Andrew Aebersold



“When we sit down with Strothman, we know what they’re telling me is right. They have all the documentation, and we trust them. When you talk to Ray Strothman, he will ask questions until he really understands what you’re looking for. It goes back to the fact they have very high integrity. It all comes down to trust.”

Zenda Stakelbeck


Z Salon & Spa

“Strothman is a large, small company or a small, large company, similar to us. We just get excellent service from them. There isn’t an issue they can’t handle, even an international issue. They are big enough to have all the disciplines but small enough that we still matter. Plus, we like working with companies that we know have a level of engagement with a community that is positive.”

Ray Aldridge


ORR Corporation

“Strothman treats us just like we’re a Fortune 500 company. They look at every detail. I don’t think we could have gotten to the point where we are without them. They are strategic thinkers – the seminars, the yearly meetings, the planning sessions. I think that’s what small business owners need in order to grow their businesses.”

J. Barry McRoberts

Managing Member

Global Polymers, LLC

“Strothman and Company has been a valuable and consistent part of all the businesses I have run. They have helped me in some very practical ways in all sorts of markets. I trust them. Even when I have a financial need related to my family, they are the ones I turn to for advice and guidance. It’s important to have a partner you can trust.”

John Lenihan


Lenihan Sotheby’s International Realty

“Strothman and Company has helped my business be more profitable and more productive. I felt like I was an inconvenience to other firms because I was so small. When I call Strothman, I get answers and they are genuinely concerned. I look to Ray Strothman as a mentor, and I think he really cares about me as a person. They are my partners.”

Amy Letke


Integrity HR, Inc.

“I realized I was getting advice and service I never got from a CPA. We sat down and went over every detail of the business financially, where the strong areas were, where the weak areas were. I was really impressed with what I saw from them. It was like I was taking on a new partner that was really smart.”

Roger Baird


Software Management LLC

“After establishing our working relationship with Strothman, it’s become much more than just a business transaction. It’s a friendship with very strong professionalism behind it. We don’t just have a once-a-year meeting. It’s an ongoing interaction with the team. They’re approachable, have a sense of humor and know their business. They care about me and my business.”

Scott Gregor


Buffalo Construction, Inc.