Core Values

Driven to serve entrepreneurs

At Strothman and Company, we partner with business owners to make the right financial decisions for their organization.  This collaborative mindset, coupled with our own entrepreneurial organization, allows us to help our clients achieve their financial goals.  We are driven to serve entrepreneurs and use these Core Attributes to guide us in all we do: 

Our Mission

Strothman and Company’s mission is to provide exceptional CPA and financial services and solutions through the highest caliber employees utilizing state-of-the-art technology, innovative practices and strategic alliances in a manner that exceeds our client’s expectations.

Our Core Values

Strothman and Company’s success has come from the innovative ideas and policies created by its team members over the years.  During the formation stages of the firm a team of employees from different stages of experience was formed to develop our Core Values.  The Core Values listed below were a corroborative effort of this team.  The firm uses these Core Values in evaluating perspective and current employees.  The first letter of each Core Value creates an acronym ATTITUDE.  The right Attitude leads to success in all that we do.


Strothman and Company employees have a drive for success.  A healthy ambition is one of the values expected from all of our employees.  We encourage our team members to grow personally and professionally and to take on more and varied responsibilities.

Technical Excellence

At Strothman and Company we hire the best and brightest team members with the appropriate educational and experience qualifications.  We enhance the technical excellence of our team members by providing strategic and targeted continuing education programs to meet not only the requirements of our profession but also to allow our team members to grow professionally. 

Team Work

Strothman team members work together in a united and cooperative manner.  We recruit team members with diverse backgrounds and technical skills.  We schedule our professional services to have the appropriate team members working together to provide the highest level of quality services for our clients. 


At Strothman and Company we operate our business affairs in an honest and forthright manner.  We believe in providing high level, quality, value driven services for our clients in compliance with the highest standards of our profession.  We always provide our clients valuable services at reasonable fees.  Our firm has conducted a seminar series for many decades, and annually conducts an ethics seminar, qualifying for continuing education for our clients and staff.


Trust is one of the foundations of the professional relationship we have with our clients and our team members.  We build trust by doing what we say we are going to do and by always being accountable for our actions.  We are trusted advisors for our clients and we build trust among team members by being open and transparent with a high level of communication.

Unselfish Community Service

Our firm encourages all of our team members to be involved in community service by joining various non-profit and charitable boards and providing service to those in need in our community.  Our firm has demonstrated that by being a recipient of the We Care Award for community service given by Republic Bank, and has been the recipient many years of the Philanthropy Award presented by Business First.  Our firm pays for participation by our team members in community activities and believes in investing out time, treasure and talent to give back to the community.


Our team members have a positive track record in their academic and business experience.  Our team members never give up and work to achieve their personal and business goals.  We are determined to succeed in all that we do, and to overcome the obstacles that are placed before us.  Our team members go the extra mile to get the job done.


We encourage our team members to have fun in all that they do.  Our team members enjoy coming to work, associating with other team members and with our clients.  We encourage all of our staff to interact in a positive and high energy way, and to be involved in activities that promote a positive work environment.

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