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Let Our Vision Be Your Guide

An audit isn’t just a requirement: we see it as an opportunity to explore every possible avenue that can support your business growth. We’re visionaries.

At Strothman+Co, our audit and assurance team not only gives you the clarity you need, they provide proactive analysis and actionable insights that give you renewed confidence in the financial performance of your business.

Fully Integrated Assurance and Audit Services

Taking a consultative approach, we will guide and advise you as you continue to implement best practices and build your business.

Hear from Strothman

“There is no greater tool than an accurate map of your operation. With assurance, we are painting an extremely detailed picture of your operation and saying: ‘Based on the data, this is where we should focus our efforts.’ It allows us to be proactive, to identify potential issues before they become serious problems.”

Jim Stevison

Partner, Assurance Practice Leader

A Full Range of Assurance
and Audit Capabilities

With a diverse range of fully-integrated assurance and audit services, Strothman+Co has the capacity to provide services including:

Audits, Reviews, and Compilations

More than an obligation: audits are an opportunity. Satisfy requirements and unlock new insights that streamline operations and boost performance.  

Employee Benefit Plan Audits

Ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and design a plan that serves both your business and your employees with our experienced auditors.

SOC Examinations

Establish credibility with customers, vendors, investors, and more with a SOC Examination led by our expert team.

Internal Audit

Get a detailed assessment of your internal governance and access the insights required to build a better future.

Fraud Prevention and Detection

Enforce robust fraud prevention policies and investigate suspicious activity  with our specialized team.

Our auditors leverage sophisticated software to identify meaningful insights hidden in your business’s financial data, before translating these into strategic recommendations that help you move your business forward.

A Suite of Accounting Services

With a full range of accounting and advisory capabilities, Strothman+Co is equipped to serve your every financial need.


Unlock your business’s potential with Strothman+Co’s broad range of strategic advisory services.


Take a proactive approach to tax planning with Strothman+Co’s experienced private and business tax advisory services.

Get started with a free consultation now.

Transform the audit process with our assurance and accounting services. When you partner with Strothman, our full range of audit capabilities result in game-changing insights.

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An Unparalleled Client Experience

Our unshakable focus on integrity, trust, and client experience is backed by decades of experience leading audit and assurance processes for organizations across the country.
Our Assurance and Audit team works tirelessly to give business leaders the insights they need to build winning strategies.

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