Technology Compliance Services

Data-driven IT audits that promote cybersecurity and compliance across your business.

Protect your business and get peace of mind with Strothman+Co’s Technology & Compliance Services.

Strengthen your Cybersecurity with Strothman+Co


If you’re a Small or Midsize Business, your employees are your first line of defense. Partner with Strothman+Co to identify vulnerabilities and plot a path forward to safety and security. 


Ensure your data is securely backed up in compliance with all applicable regulations. Streamline your business processes with powerful IT automation and data visualizations. 


Partner with Strothman+Co to design your IT infrastructure, evaluate vendors, and adopt cutting-edge technologies that better protect your business. 

Technology & Compliance: A Modern Essential

Today, cybersecurity threats are more pervasive than ever, and privately held companies represent an attractive target for attackers. To secure your business, conduct an IT Audit to:

  • Identify and remedy security risks
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Adopt best-in-class security practices and technologies

With a fully customizable approach tailored to your business’s individual needs, Strothman+Co’s Technology and Compliance Services give leaders the insights they need to secure their business’s IT assets. 

A Full Suite of Technology Services

Strothman+Co is proud to provide a range of technology advisory services
that help your business go further:

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Assure customers, vendors, and partners that your business has sufficient internal financial controls in place. 

SOC Examinations

Assure customers, vendors, and partners that your business has sufficient internal financial controls in place. 

Data Analytics & Visualization

Unearth hidden insights and discover new opportunities with Strothman+Co’s Data Analytics and Visualization Services. 

Hear from Strothman

“In a digital age where opportunity and risk dance hand in hand, cybersecurity is the vigilant guardian that enables businesses to thrive fearlessly, preserving trust and confidence in a world of infinite potential.”

JC London

Technology Services Practice Leader

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