Data Advisory services

Discover hidden insights and compelling stories with Strothman+Co’s data analysis team. 

Start harnessing game-changing analytics and strategic insights to make data-driven decisions that unlock new growth opportunities.

Unlock the Power of Your Data with Strothman+Co

Develop Smarter Insights

Every business has data: few use it to create a competitive advantage. Embrace Strothman+Co’s advanced analytics capabilities to unearth hidden facts and discover new opportunities.

Make Decisions With More Confidence

Foster a data-centric culture and empower leaders to make better decisions with cutting-edge business intelligence that provides unparalleled clarity to every decision. 

Embrace Data-Driven Storytelling

Effortlessly communicate complex narratives with breathtaking data visualization tools that help leaders zero in on key insights.

A Customizable Approach
That Works for Your Business

No matter how complex your business challenges are, the solutions lie in your data. And with Strothman+Co’s Data Analytics and Visualization Services, you can unlock actionable insights, fast. 

Whether it’s leveraging financial data to optimize resource allocation decisions or analyzing large datasets to identify opportunities to streamline operations, working with Strothman+Co’s Data Analytics and Visualization team gives your business the answers you need. 

A Range of Technical Expertise

Partner with our experienced Indiana and Kentucky based advisors to experience the transformative power of technology across every area of your business. 

SOC Examinations

Demonstrate the effectiveness of your business’s internal financial controls with Strothman+Co’s SOC Examinations and Assurance Services.

Technology & Compliance

Protect your business against security threats and ensure regulatory compliance by partnering with Strothman+Co’s Technology & Compliance Services.

Hear from Strothman

“Data is not just a bunch of numbers, but a powerful tool that can shape the future of your business. Embrace it, understand it, and leverage it to make informed decisions that improve performance.”

Steve Fulton

Data Services Practice Leader

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Transform the audit process with our assurance and accounting services. When you partner with Strothman, our full range of audit capabilities result in game-changing insights.

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Harness Your Data with Strothman+Co

Experience innovation and adopt data-driven analysis that empowers your leaders to make better decisions than ever before. Our experienced data analytics and visualization professionals stand ready to build an approach tailor-made to your business.

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