A Proactive Approach, so You Can Plan with Confidence.

At Strothman and Company, we base our services on client needs – not a predefined checklist. All services are closely integrated to simply give your business what it needs next – efficiently and seamlessly. Our teams are organized into the following major areas and collaborate regularly to best serve you, the entrepreneur.

At Strothman and Company, we take a proactive approach to your taxes.

Tax Planning

Taxes are personal. The way you manage your taxes can determine the total amount you owe, whether or not you are audited by the IRS, and—depending on whether you are proactive or reactive—your ability to maintain a healthy cashflow throughout the year. And while a good tax strategy should account for all aspects of your business, it should also account for your personal life. 

At Strothman and Company, we take a proactive approach to your taxes. Long before the end of the year, we bring innovative tax strategies to the table that will help you reduce expenses and plan for what’s ahead, so you can make informed, confident financial decisions all year long. We have a rigorous understanding of the tax code, and we combine this knowledge with a holistic strategy and advanced technology to interpret tax laws to your advantage, while structuring your company to minimize taxes owed. The overall goal of our work is to ensure that your business is always compliant, limiting your risk of an IRS audit, while strategizing to save you the maximum amount of money.  

Our relationship with clients often begins with their business entity, but we never forget that our true client is you, the business owner. Our advisors can partner with you to navigate estate-planning and other financial issues. 

Expert members of our Tax group are equipped to provide advice and consultation in diverse areas such as:

Tax Planning and Preparation
Transaction Planning and Assistance
Cost Segregation Studies
State and Local Tax Services
Long-Term Projections and Solutions
Research and Development Studies
Estate Planning


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