Healthcare Advisory

SAS is highly experienced in healthcare advisory and has worked with individual practices to maximize performance, restructure hospital operations, integrate practices into ACO’s, work successfully with hospital management companies, assist multiple stakeholders in the health care ecosystem, and manage and advise on numerous transactions.

Strothman retains a vast network of highly experienced healthcare professionals who can work with you to take your healthcare business where it needs to go. Our experts specialize in leading clients to maximize the value and efficiency of their enterprise. Our goal is to help you achieve your goal of getting to the place you want to be as efficiently and profitably as possible.  

Through our customized approach, our healthcare advisory clients have been able to achieve superior results, preserve independence, uncork their value proposition, recognize significant returns, and transform themselves to meet the challenges contained in one of the most difficult and dynamic environments in decades.

In today’s tumultuous healthcare environment, Strothman Advisory Services offers unmatched expertise to guide you through the challenges and maximize the potential of your healthcare offering.

SAS Healthcare Consulting Service Offerings:

Strategic Advisory & Implementation

  • Projections and Feasibility Studies
  • Capital and Operating Budgets
  • Revenue Cycle analysis
  • Platform transformation to generate profitable revenues 
  • Call centers analysis and review 
  • Technology Assessments and Security Audit

Transactional Advisory

  • Buy and Sell Side assignments
  • Mergers
  • Divestiture
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Outsourced procurement and supply chain management
  • Third Party administrators – revenue, purchasing, HR, Staffing
  • Telehealth assistance 

Capital Structuring and Sourcing

  • Asset maximization
  • Balance sheet management
  • Capital provider introductions

Tax and Compliance

  • SOC Audits
  • Tax Audits and Compliance
  • Quality of Earnings

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