Advisory Platform

Advisory Platform

Navigating through the multiple challenges of your business without an advisory platform can often times seem like driving on a poorly designed highway. Poorly marked signs, tight lanes, confusing traffic patterns, and dangerous twists and turns. 

Our unique platform of services has allowed us to successfully guide our clients through these challenges so that they can grow, change, turnaround and manage their assets to improve performance in all economic conditions and climates. Our passion is to guide our clients to a safe and timely arrival at their destination. 

We are focused on lower middle market clients with revenues of $5-50 Million that consider strategy and execution to be critically important now more than ever.

We focus on clients with $1-$10 Million in EBITDA who strategically want to engage in transactional strategies.

advisory platform

Tax Advisory

Through proactive, advice-driven strategies, we help our clients mitigate risk and realize appropriate tax advantages.

SAS approaches every client with a focus on maximizing the capital structure, risk mitigation and tax advantaged solution sets. This is how we create value and ROI for our clients. 

Strategic Advisory

As a regional firm focused on clients with $5-100 Million in revenue we have developed a unique platform of services. This platform has allowed our clients to maximize value whether they wish to continue operating, have reached a point of exit or transition, want to grow organically or through acquisition, turnaround, workout, or recapitalize.

Transactional Advisory

Transactions are complex, tricky, complicated, and sophisticated activities. There is no set playbook when the emotional meets the practical realities that are contained in every transaction. Businesses are living entities that have their own cultures, personalities, values, and limitations.

Capital Advisory

Our superior financial engineering capability and focus on the capital stack, balance sheet and numbers is the essence of what drives a business and what sets us apart.

Healthcare Advisory

SAS is highly experienced in healthcare and has worked with individual practices to maximize performance, restructure hospital operations, integrate practices into ACO’s, work successfully with hospital management companies, assist multiple stakeholders in the health care ecosystem, and manage and advise on numerous transactions.

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