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At Strothman and Company, we base our services on client needs – not a predefined checklist. All outsourced accounting services are closely integrated to simply give your business what it needs next – efficiently and seamlessly. Our teams are organized into the following major areas and collaborate regularly to best serve you, the entrepreneur.

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    Outsourced Accounting Segment Leader

    Darren Forish

    With experience that spans both public accounting and private industry, Darren Forish is particularly suited to help clients through the Entrepreneurial Business Solutions (EBS) Group. 
    Meet The Team
  • Are you a business owner who keeps their own books?  What would you do with the time you save if you didn’t keep your own books?

    Are you able to log in to your accounting software and be confident the information is correct and up to date?  What if you could get real-time financial reporting with zero employees at a fraction of the cost of hiring a controller?

    Strothman Outsourced Accounting Resources is the answer.  A full charge bookkeeper salary ranges from $40,000 to $67,750 per year and controller salaries start at $94,750, plus bonus, benefits, and human resource issues.  By utilizing our outsourced accounting resources, you pay a fraction of that cost and you get:

    Real Time Financial Reporting
    Elimination of Redundant Accounting Tasks
    Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Access
    Confidential Financial Model
    Relevant Financial Information
    Digital Workflow
    Enhanced Data Security and Disaster Recovery Protection


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