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At Strothman and Company, we base our services on client needs – not a predefined checklist. All services are closely integrated to simply give your business what it needs next – efficiently and seamlessly. Our teams are organized into the following major areas and collaborate regularly to best serve you, the entrepreneur.

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    Assurance/Audit Segment Leader

    Jim Stevison

    Jim Stevison brings a passion for education and precision to his position as Partner and Director of the firm’s assurance group. Since he joined Strothman and Company in 1997, Jim has provided high-quality audits, reviews, compilations and agreed-upon procedures services for clients.
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  • Assurance/Audit

    At Strothman and Company, we know that you are always looking for new ways to improve your operation—and so are we. We view auditing and assurance as not only an obligation, but as an opportunity to gain deeper insights into your operation, insights that we can leverage to identify potential vulnerabilities and improve the processes and controls within your system. That includes taking proactive measures to prevent fraud or theft.

    Whether you are seeking assurance because you are required to do so—by an outside party, or by law—or because you want to confirm that your business has the appropriate checks and balances, our team will work with you to create a highly detailed financial ‘blueprint’ of your operation and provide valuable analysis and insights based on this information. While our work typically takes a holistic view of your business, we can also address specific areas, such as reviewing cash controls or analyzing certain financial records. In the event that you suspect fraud—or we detect it during an audit—our certified fraud examiners will handle the investigation.

    With a deeper understanding of your operations, you can feel confident about the decisions you make. Our team of experts use sophisticated software to dig deeper into the data, uncover valuable insights, and advise you on how to leverage this knowledge to protect your organization and make intelligent decisions for the future. 

    Expert members of our Assurance and Audit group are equipped to provide advice and consultation in diverse areas such as:

    Audit of Health and Welfare Plans
    Internal Control Reviews
    Employee Benefit Plan Audits
    Fully Integrated Services
    Financial Statement Audits
    Agreed-Upon Procedures
    Fraud Prevention and Detection

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