Integrated Services

Services without boundaries

At Strothman and Company, we base our services on client needs – not a predefined checklist. All services are closely integrated to simply give your business what it needs next – efficiently and seamlessly. Our teams are organized into the following major areas and collaborate regularly to best serve you, the entrepreneur:


With our deep background in all levels and types of assurance services, Strothman and Company verifies that your financial information is complete, fair and accurate.


Entrepreneurial Business Solutions

You’re looking for a financial and business partner who will sit in your chair and see what you see. Who will ask the right questions. Who will be there for daily challenges. We formed the Entrepreneurial Business Solutions group specifically to meet the unique needs of entrepreneurs — from startup to significant growth.



We have one of the most extensive, sophisticated and qualified tax groups in the region. We provide innovative tax solutions intended to lower your tax obligation while ensuring you are compliant with the tax laws. While we serve the business entity, we never forget our real client is the business owner.



Like never before, the financial success of your business is closely linked to your effective use of technology. Our technology team provides clients with the IT support they need to drive performance and ensure security.


Strategic Advisory Services

We are a strategic advisor to middle market companies and Private Equity Firms. We have a deep and strong national network of strategic capital partners and offer three primary services: Strategic Advisory, Transactional Advisory and Capital Advisory.