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This World is Complicated. We Bring Clarity, so You Can Move Forward with Confidence. 

Making the right decision begins with true understanding, while true understanding is rooted in hard-earned experience. At Strothman and Company, our specialized teams have years of experience and valuable connections within their respective industries—giving us the expertise we need to deliver the results you deserve. Partner with a team that brings rich perspective and true understanding to the table.

. At Strothman and Company, our goal is to strengthen the entire performance of your real estate business team.

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    Real Estate Segment Leader

    Meaghan Reynolds

    As a Partner and Segment leader, Meaghan provides a wide array of services for family and closely held businesses and their owners.
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    All industries are shaped by the world around them. This is especially true for the real estate business, which is so thoroughly enmeshed in economics—and influenced by global and domestic events—that it’s often used as a gauge by which to measure the overall health of the economy. As the world changes, so does real estate. And that’s why success in this industry so often comes down to your ability to perceive where the market is going and strategically plan for the future.   

    Of course, that’s easier said than done. How can you be strategic in an industry that’s always changing? How can you thoughtfully plan ahead when the nature of the market is shifting beneath your feet? 

    Start by finding the right partner. At Strothman and Company, we don’t have a magic crystal ball to help you see the future, but we do have a legacy of helping our partners navigate the real estate business through thoughtful strategy and holistic service.

    As your partner, we go beyond the typical role of a CPA to truly become a member of your team, providing a comprehensive range of services to help you reduce your tax liability, minimize risk and improve profitability across your operation. 

    Our approach is proactive—just like you, we’re always looking ahead. Before you launch into a new project, we analyze its financial feasibility, so you can make informed decisions as you move forward. In addition, we help you save resources with innovative tax solutions, careful tax planning and cost-segregation studies. With our cost-effective Outsourced CFO services, we can undertake the roles that would otherwise be performed by an expensive, in-house financial department. 

    In business and in life, making the right decisions often comes down to having the right information and guidance. As your partner, we bring clarity to each decision, so you can move forward with confidence.  

    Our consulting services for the real estate industry often include:

    Business succession planning
    Business valuation
    Cash flow planning
    Compensation planning for key employees
    Merger and acquisition assistance
    Industry benchmarking
    Litigation support
    Opportunity Zone planning
    Tax-free exchange consulting
    HUD Audits
    Computerized fixed-asset reporting
    Cost-segregation studies
    Estate planning
    Industry benchmarking
    Profitability analysis
    Strategic business planning
    Tax credit planning and analysis
    Tax return preparation

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