At Strothman and Company, we take special pride in providing financial and business services to many key nonprofit organizations in the region. Unselfish community service is one of our core company values, and many of our team members are deeply committed to local charities. You’ll find no firm more dedicated to the success of your mission.

Many nonprofits are facing increased competition for donations and dwindling sources of income. We help your organization stay true to its mission and manage the funds it has for maximum impact. We partner with your professional staff to ensure there are appropriate controls and processes for the operations. We look for areas of risk and potential weaknesses in the accounting system and search for ways to improve efficiencies, while ensuring all state and federal guidelines are met. When we conduct an audit for your organization, your financial statements will be clear, concise and understandable.

Our staff works closely with your board members to assist them in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities, including safeguarding assets and remaining in compliance with all laws and regulations. Board members find that our blend of personal commitment and entrepreneurial spirit makes Strothman and Company the perfect partner for a nonprofit organization dedicated to contributing to the greater good.

Our consulting services for nonprofit organizations often include:

  • Accounting systems design
  • Budget preparation
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Functional expense analysis
  • Internal control review
  • Strategic planning
  • Technology consulting and support