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Making the right decision begins with true understanding, while true understanding is rooted in hard-earned experience. At Strothman and Company, our specialized teams have years of experience and valuable connections within their respective industries—giving us the expertise we need to deliver the results you deserve. Partner with a team that brings rich perspective and true understanding to the table.

Board members find that our blend of personal commitment and entrepreneurial spirit makes Strothman and Company the perfect partner for a nonprofit organization dedicated to contributing to the greater good.

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    Nonprofit Segment Leader

    Mark Turner

    Senior Manager
    Mark Turner joined Strothman and Company in 2010 and is now a senior manager in the firm’s Assurance Group. Mark works with a variety of businesses and nonprofit clients. He has significant experience performing audits under OMB A-133.
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    How does your organization balance its altruistic pursuit with its financial needs?  

    As a nonprofit in today’s climate, you face a number of financial challenges—from increased donor competition and dwindling sources of income, to razor-thin margins and high turnover. At the same time, your mission is just as critical as ever, and the community depends on the work you do. That’s why you need a partner who goes beyond the typical role of an accountant to help you navigate the challenges you see and identify the ones you don’t. 

    At Strothman and Company, our team brings financial confidence and creative leadership to your nonprofit organization, helping you stay true to your mission while managing your funds for maximum impact. 

    Rather than sitting on the sidelines, we become engrained in your organization—identifying potential risks and weaknesses, while looking for opportunities to improve efficiencies and implement appropriate controls and processes. Our team has decades of experience working with nonprofits. We ‘speak the language’ of your industry, and we tailor your financial statements to be clear, concise and easy to understand.

    This isn’t ‘just business.’ For you, the success of your organization is personal; an entire community depends on the work you do. That’s why we’re proud to help you navigate your financial challenges and strengthen your organization. Because, when you feel confident in your finances, you have more time and energy to focus on doing good.

    Our consulting services for nonprofit organizations often include:

    Accounting systems design
    Budget preparation
    Cash flow analysis
    Technology consulting analysis
    Functional expense analysis
    Internal control review
    Strategic planning

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