At Strothman and Company, we understand the biotechnology industry and the significant impact it will have on future generations. As you progress through every stage of the business cycle, we’ll help you handle the regulatory complexities, financial issues and operational matters – so you can focus on research and development. We structure your organization to fit your goals, provide financial statement audits and help you comply with all applicable tax rules.

In addition, we can guide you through what is likely your biggest hurdle: fundraising. Our consulting services span the entire funding process. We will help you communicate the value of your work to those outside your profession, write business plans, and interact with financing sources and venture capitalists. We can help you gather the financial data needed to file for government and private grants. Once you acquire a grant, we will help you adhere to the compliance requirements through the length of the contract.

We will be at your side throughout development and can help you leverage the full value of your patents through strategies that safeguard and optimize your intellectual property. If your strategy is to ultimately sell your business, we are well suited to help you maximize the price and structure the sale for maximum tax effect. At Strothman and Company, we are proud of our work to remove the business and financial barriers to innovations in biotechnology.

Our consulting services for the biotechnology industry often include:

  • Accounting systems
  • Assistance with the sale of the company
  • Bank financing assistance
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Business valuation
  • Grant application and compliance assistance
  • Incentive-based compensation structuring
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) development
  • Operations review
  • Strategic planning
  • Technology consulting and support