Client Profiles

At Strothman and Company, we have a passion for serving entrepreneurs. In our 30-year history, we’ve served businesses as they launch, grow, transition and mature. We are pleased to introduce a few of our clients from a cross-section of industries. We consider their success to be our success.


Andrew Aebersold is the founder of Mediaura, one of the top interactive agencies in the nation specializing in website and mobile application development, digital marketing, social media management, graphic design and secure web hosting.

How Strothman Helps

Andrew had a feeling he needed a second opinion regarding his tax returns – and he was right. He was repeatedly surprised with the amount of taxes due at the end of the year. We conducted a three-year tax review that yielded substantial federal and state refunds. He now takes credits and deductions he didn’t realize he qualified for. In addition to tax strategy, we provide him with the organizational structure, staff training and hiring counsel he needs to stay on top in his industry. Andrew knew something was missing in his former accounting relationship. Now, he’s found it.

“The year we started working with Strothman was the first time since starting the business that we didn’t owe the IRS a lot of money. It made us stable so we could reinvest that money. As a result, last year we had the biggest year we’ve had ever. We’re now able to plan for growth in new areas because of their strategic help.”

Andrew Aebersold, Founder/CEO

“Strothman is a large, small company or a small, large company, similar to us. We just get excellent service from them. There isn’t an issue they can’t handle, even an international issue. They are big enough to have all the disciplines but small enough that we still matter. Plus, we like working with companies that we know have a level of engagement with a community that is positive.”

Ray Aldridge, President/CEO

ORR Corporation

Ray Aldridge is President/CEO of ORR Corporation, a family of companies dedicated to protecting people, property and the environment. Companies include ORR Safety, ORR Protection Systems and InspectionLogic.

How Strothman Helps

With success comes a greater need for creative financial management. In response to this challenge, Ray is leading his successful business in a bold transition from a traditionally conservative to more aggressive tax-management approach. He works closely with our team to sustain an innovative corporate culture that supports exponential growth and minimizes taxes.  We are his source for financial projections and due diligence regarding mergers and acquisitions. As ORR matures across state lines and outside the continental U.S., Ray relies on Strothman to stay on top of a broad range of state, local and international tax laws to protect his company and promote profitability.

Software Management LLC

In 2007, Roger Baird purchased Software Management LLC, known for innovative software that streamlines Kentucky’s county clerk record systems.

How Strothman Helps

Roger was impressed with the way we structured his purchase as a win/win deal. So when the deal was done, he hired us. Now, he counts on us.

We structured his company to limit tax liability. We helped align his most capable, enthusiastic personnel with his goals. When he needed financing in a difficult economy, we created a proposal that enabled him to secure it. He outsourced his CFO services to us and we helped him hire a bookkeeper – saving money and increasing his expertise. And when the bookkeeper was in an accident, our staff filled in. Roger knows we’re always standing by.

“I realized I was getting advice and service I never got from a CPA. We sat down and went over every detail of the business financially, where the strong areas were, where the weak areas were. I was really impressed with what I saw from them. It was like I was taking on a new partner that was really smart.”

Roger Baird, President/Owner

“After establishing our working relationship with Strothman, it’s become much more than just a business transaction. It’s a friendship with very strong professionalism behind it. We don’t just have a once-a-year meeting. It’s an ongoing interaction with the team. They’re approachable, have a sense of humor and know their business. They care about me and my business.”

Scott Gregor, President/CEO

Buffalo Construction, Inc.

Scott Gregor is CEO/President of Buffalo Construction Inc., a nationwide general contractor licensed in all 50 states. The company has a heavy emphasis in restaurant construction, and also works in commercial, retail and light industrial.

How Strothman Helps

Scott built his business out of the desire to “do whatever it takes to be the best.” He expects no less from his accounting firm. He was frustrated with his previous firm because their lack of engagement and planning led to unpleasant last-minute surprises that could have been avoided. He turned to Strothman and Company. We now handle his audited financials, business taxes, personal taxes, estate planning and more. We sit down with him regularly and discuss challenges and opportunities in plenty of time to act on them. We do our part so Scott can continue to focus on being the best.

Lenihan Sotheby’s International Realty

For Louisville luxury homes and high-end real estate, buyers turn to John Lenihan and the team of agents at Lenihan Sotheby’s International Realty. An affiliate of Sotheby’s Auction House, the company has become synonymous with high-quality listings in the Louisville area.

How Strothman Helps

John’s longstanding relationship with Strothman and Company is as personal as it is professional. He says we’ve been a fixture for support and advice through years of the real estate industry’s infamous highs and lows. Through it all, John continues to rely on our team for tax structuring, tax planning and deduction maximization. With longevity, trust and in-depth understanding, sometimes business feels like family.

“Strothman and Company has been a valuable and consistent part of all the businesses I have run. They have helped me in some very practical ways in all sorts of markets. I trust them. Even when I have a financial need related to my family, they are the ones I turn to for advice and guidance. It’s important to have a partner you can trust.”

John Lenihan, CEO

“Strothman and Company has helped my business be more profitable and more productive. I felt like I was an inconvenience to other firms because I was so small. When I call Strothman, I get answers and they are genuinely concerned. I look to Ray Strothman as a mentor, and I think he really cares about me as a person. They are my partners.”

Amy Letke, Founder/CEO

Integrity HR, Inc.

Amy Letke founded Integrity HR in 2007 and has achieved her vision of building a best-in-class human resources consulting and outsourcing firm that creates more productive, profitable and successful organizations.

How Strothman Helps

Amy didn’t realize that it’s not only reasonable, but necessary, for your accountant to get to know you and your business. Today, our long-term relationship saves her time and money, and creates numerous efficiencies. When it comes to tax law, most decisions are not black and white. They are based on how the law is applied to highly individual circumstances. By getting to know Amy and the intricacies of Integrity HR, we are able to help her make smart decisions that create the foundation for a highly effective tax strategy. We understand Amy. And we understand her business.

Global Polymers, LLC

With Barry McRoberts and partner Eric Green in the lead, Global Polymers helps companies meet their goals regarding social and environmental responsibility, carbon-footprint reduction and closed-loop recycling. The company recycles tons of materials each year, creating new markets and saving valuable resources.

How Strothman Helps

Global Polymers knows the business of plastics recycling. For additional business, financial and tax knowledge, they depend on us. When we first joined their team, we helped them consider alternative approaches to certain tax and accounting issues, which substantially reduced the tax obligation for the company. We now prepare the annual tax returns for the company and its shareholders. They rely on us for strategic planning, and we’re always a ready resource to assist the controller and owners in their plans for growth. Now, Global Polymers knows they can count on Strothman and Company.

“Strothman treats us just like we’re a Fortune 500 company. They look at every detail. I don’t think we could have gotten to the point where we are without them. They are strategic thinkers – the seminars, the yearly meetings, the planning sessions. I think that’s what small business owners need in order to grow their businesses.”

J. Barry McRoberts, Managing Member

“When we sit down with Strothman, we know what they’re telling me is right. They have all the documentation, and we trust them. When you talk to Ray Strothman, he will ask questions until he really understands what you’re looking for. It goes back to the fact they have very high integrity. It all comes down to trust.”

Zenda Stakelbeck, President

Z Salon & Spa

Zenda Stakelbeck is President of Z Salon & Spa, which offers a comprehensive range of personal beauty and wellness services delivered by an experienced team. The company has expanded to two locations, and General Manager Denise Zeydel now shares in the ownership.

How Strothman Helps

Zenda Stakelbeck was uneasy about her accounting systems. She wanted to build the largest and best salon and spa in the Louisville area, but she was concerned that her financials weren’t measuring up. We suggested she replace the controller’s position with an accounting manager, which lowered compensation costs. We helped her recruit that manager and create a new system. She now relies on Strothman for business and tax strategy. We’ve helped her with expansion plans and conduct cost-segregation studies to reduce her tax obligation. When she needs bank financing, we’re at her side. Just like her salon and spa clients, Zenda can relax.

Solid Light, Inc.

Cynthia Torp is president of Solid Light, Inc., which specializes in comprehensive exhibit and museum design services. Solid Light tells stories in the most imaginative, compelling and memorable way possible.

How Strothman Helps

Cynthia knew she needed a good financial roadmap for the future in order to grow her company. Enter Strothman and Company. We provided hands-on expertise to better train her staff so they could create more accurate financial reporting. The efforts resulted in notable tax savings and the tools she needed to get to the next level. We helped with strategic planning, interviewing clients – and developing a clear roadmap for the future. Cynthia is happy with the direction her business is heading. Very happy.

“Strothman’s whole focus is helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. I’m not considered insignificant just because I’m a small business. In fact, I’m a key customer. They make us feel like we’re important clients to them, and they’ve been really great coaches.”

Cynthia Torp, President