V-Soft Consulting

SAS has worked with V-Soft Consulting to acquire three companies that greatly expanded the firm’s geographic market, diversified their service offerings and added significant revenue to their top line. Within those transactions, SAS negotiated terms, worked with principals and their representatives to facilitate the deal and structure the conditions of the transaction. SAS also helped source the needed capital funds. Through the acquisitions V-Soft has grown to a firm with revenues in excess of 9 figures. 

We have used Matt and his deal team to make three major acquisitions. In all cases they performed the due diligence, helped structure the deal, and led us to a successful closing. We are extremely pleased with the results both during the acquisition and in the post integration phases. We credit them with developing very creative financing structures in order to get the deals done.”
— Purna Veer


Growth generally comes in two forms – organic and acquisition.  Given the current condition of today’s market growth through acquisition brings with it many advantages. Acquisitive growth is fast and can bring valuable resources with the deal including human. Acquisition growth has the potential to expand geographic market share, extend product lines, and deepen the customer relationship by extension of services or products. Synergistic growth is tremendously valuable, however, it can come with great risk if the acquisition target is not evaluated properly or the deal is not financially structured properly. SAS does not focus on getting a deal done at any cost, but on making sure it is the best deal in optimum circumstances that best suits our clients’ needs.  

Working with Malone Staffing we have overseen multiple acquisitions that has allowed the company to triple in size with revenues now deep into 9 figures. In these transactions we were able to structure and negotiate the deals, determine valuation, assess cash flows, and work with the financial institutions to structure the credit facilities. We also crafted post integration plans that included employee benefit consolidation and incentive compensation. Creating protections for seller underperformance post transaction was also a critical element of managing the risk of the deal.