A leading company in convenience stores this multi-generational company was looking to unlock the value of its real estate in conjunction with transitioning to the next generation. Working with their lead legal team, financial advisors and internal team we were able to create a sophisticated strategy that allowed them to free up cash, consolidate the equity, and separate the real estate from the operations without losing control of either. Using a complex drop strategy there were a number of tax advantages that were captured as well.

Essentially we were able to help the company and its principals navigate a tricky transaction that encompassed all the factors that go into the calculation of return on investment to craft an optimal strategy that was satisfactory to all the parties. ROI was realized by all parties even though there were multiple definitions of ROI based on the party defining it.


Profitability is a direct result of return on investment or ROI. To achieve ROI you must measure the investment properly. Time, opportunity cost, alternative use, capital, and risk are just some of the ingredients that go into determining ROI. Many times there are assets that are lying fallow, other times there are assets or resources that need to be acquired.