Neill LaVielle

Neill LaVielle is a 5th generation 100+ year old company that was struggling in the 21st century economy. By looking at the business in an entirely different way SAS was able to help the company achieve a corporate renaissance. Utilizing the existing assets of the company SAS was able to help them reduce expenses, deleverage the balance sheet by shedding underutilized assets, advance the existing technology systems to create operating efficiencies and controls, and convert from a fixed expense model to variable cost model. This was done in conjunction with the conversion of an existing piece of real estate into a higher and better use which gave the shareholder a stream of income along with long term enterprise value. The savings on the elimination of corporate debt allowed the company to move into a more efficient and modern facility to help productivity without tying up the corporate capital. Neill LaVielle has now transformed itself into a newer, leaner, more profitable business model by reconstituting its existing assets in large part.  

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Companies have many assets that are both obvious and subtle. Brand, real estate, IP, market share, existing customer base, employees, geographic advantage, and core products are just some of the places where value can lie hidden. Vision and execution are often the path to success. Value creation often lies in the existing asset base and can be addressed with restructuring or subtraction in some cases.