Muhlenberg Community Hospital

Muhlenberg Community Hospital is a rural medical facility that faces dramatic challenges in doing business in the health care space as a result of new competition and technology, changing regulations and demographics and the implications of the Affordable Care Act. The hospital is still focused on its core business but must adjust the way it functions in order to increase efficiencies and realign the hospital as a premier regional medical center for the 21st century. Pallas Partners was brought in by the Board of Directors to lead a restructure of the hospital and specifically to improve its corporate processes by creating operating efficiencies within the current structure. The realignment strategy employed is allowing the hospital to upgrade technology, take advantage of new services such as telemedicine, forge new strategic alliances and partnerships, repurpose sections of facility, shed unprofitable lines of business and reposition the institution to serve and thrive in today’s marketplace.

“Matt and his team were instrumental in working with us to increase our days of cash on hand, create profitability and develop new operational models within the hospital. During the time of their engagement we evaluated all of the hospital operations and put new processes and accountability measures in place for all departments and revenue cycle models.” — Steve Meredith, CEO


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