Louisville Equestrian Center

Pallas worked with Betsy Webb Stables to transform a 9-year-old riding academy into a multimillion-dollar, year-round recreational facility. In 2009 Pallas helped Louisville Equestrian Center secure $3.4 million in financing to become a single-purpose riding complex with two large indoor riding arenas and a barn with 100 climate-controlled stalls. This enabled the Center to increase capacity to 100 horses, 500 clients and double the number of staff. Pallas also worked with the primary bank to structure the debt to carry the business through the peaks and valleys of demand throughout the year.

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“Pallas was able to refine our business plan and identify future revenue sources, giving us the credibility to get financing for our expansion. Our riding academy and summer camps were doing well, but SAS helped us identify eight business lines to branch off from our core business, including consignment sales of gear and equipment and selling billboard space on our barns that face major roadways. –Betsy Webb


Success and failure often lies in the structure, cost, and flexibility of the capital used to finance a business. While SAS does not raise capital for investors we do have global relationships throughout the entire capital stack. The ability to create a capital structure that will grow with you and your business is critical. As owners grow their businesses they often times find themselves outgrowing their existing financial relationships. It is critical that the cost of funds and the ability of those funds to accommodate changing corporate environments.