Accent Marketing

Accent Marketing had been operating call centers for its customers for many years but was looking to diversify its client base. Pallas Partners led an asset maximization strategy for Accent Marketing that allowed Accent to redefine its mission and business model by capitalizing on the data collection already being done by its call centers. Accent now provides meaningful and analytics to clients, allowing them to earn a high return on investment. 

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“Matt and his team helped us see that we were much more than a call center business. Through the process we recognized that we were a professional services firm. Through their facilitation they helped us identify our core competencies and target a new and expanded customer base. By focusing on professional services, we are able to leverage existing facilities, extend our technological platform, penetrate new and existing clients without having to capture entire platforms, work with pilot programs and become thought and industry leaders by defining our space and domain.”
— Linda Ruffenanch


Efficiency is by product of processes. Many businesses have great products or services only to fail because they can’t achieve efficiency. It is not always an exercise of cutting costs, reducing head count or automating. You have to be able to see around the corner and identify opportunities to reduce waste and error. It could be as simple as scheduling, maintaining appropriate par levels, centralizing purchasing, staging your production teams properly, improving communication, or managing cash flows efficiently. These are just a few examples.