Strothman+Co Announces New Branding & Website

At Strothman+Co, we’ve always got an eye on what’s next. We might just have celebrated our 40th anniversary of serving businesses and private clients in Kentucky, Indiana, and beyond, but to us, we’re still in the early stages of our journey as a firm. 

That’s why, today, we’re announcing the rollout of a revamped website, complete with updated branding. Browse through our site to discover our services, our commitment to the local community, and our team. 

Why Now?

The world –– and the accounting industry –– are changing. New problems demand new solutions, and at Strothman+Co, that’s exactly what we’re all about. 

In recent months, we launched new services aimed at supporting our clients through digital transformations. We’ve evolved into more than an accounting firm: now providing data advisory and other new services that give our clients the capabilities they need to be successful in this new era. 

Celebrating our firm’s 40th birthday was a major milestone – but ask anyone here: we’re only just getting started. By investing in a renewed brand and website to complement our new capabilities and partnerships, we’re confident that Strothman+Co will continue to be the go-to service provider for Kentucky and Indiana businesses for years to come. 

The Core Pillars of the Strothman+Co Brand

At Strothman+Co, our brand is a living embodiment of our firm. It’s a symbolic representation of everything we stand for: the behaviors we model, the service we provide to clients, and the values we live by. 

We think differently. We innovate. We build for a future that delivers successful outcomes for all. Together, we think above and beyond the bottom line. Where other firms push pencils, we push the envelope – challenging you to be more successful than ever. 

This manifests itself in the purpose, mission, and core values of our firm. 

Our Purpose

At Strothman+Co, we provide guidance to entrepreneurial-minded businesses and entrepreneurs using a holistic, innovative approach that helps our clients be successful and build wealth.

Our Mission

We are driven to create innovative ways to build wealth. We’re ambitious, inquisitive, and experienced – and bring all of these values to our clients every day. Together, we strive for transformational change that unlocks results outside of industry norms – helping our clients break new boundaries and achieve lasting financial success. 

Our Core Values

Our values drive our actions, guide our thinking, and shape our behaviors. They are:

Achieve the Extraordinary

We’re committed to excellence in everything we do. Our goal is to make our clients the hero – because when you succeed, so do we. We’re ambitious, determined, and strive to bring integrity to everything we do. 

Engage Fearlessly

We connect, collaborate, engage, and listen. But that’s not all, we speak up, advocating with passion, truthfulness, and transparency for positions we believe in. Together, we embrace and harness our individual uniqueness to build a success story that we’re all writing together. 

Think Big. Ask Why – And Why Not.

Old ways don’t open new doors. We believe that open minds let the light in, and curiosity makes a great window. We’re committed to continually learning, innovating, and progressing. As individuals and as a wider team, we support the passion to find out why, go further, and bring a shining vision of the future to life. 

Make A Difference

Our community is important to us – that’s why we give back with our time, our talents, and our treasure. We believe one spark can light a fire that warms more souls than we know – and we will be that spark. We actively care for each other, our clients, and our community – because it’s not just the right thing to do, it’s the best thing to do. 

Create and Spread Joy

We love what we do. An appreciative outlook makes our success all the richer. Together, we take the time to celebrate our work and cultivate and share in the things that grow joy. 

Strothman+Co: We Think Differently Because You Do

Our reputation is built on open-minded financial consultation for entrepreneurial-minded businesses and individuals. And as we enter the next phase of our firm’s trajectory, expanding to a national stage and adding innovative new services, we won’t lose sight of the qualities that make us who we are. 

At Strothman+Co, we’re both entrepreneurs and accountants; business owners and advisors. We know thinking differently is where the magic happens, where innovation is sparked, and where change is ignited – and that’s what we do.

If you’re looking for a financial partner that looks above and beyond the bottom line, Strothman+Co is here to help. With a full suite of accounting, advisory, and consulting services, we’re equipped to help you build a shining future for your business. 

Intrigued? Reach out today to learn more about partnering with us. 

Author: Sarah Waskey

This article was written by Sarah Waskey, COO CFO at Strothman+Co. Sarah worked in the fields of audit, assurance, tax, and advisory services for 22 years before making the transition to operations in 2021. She has spent her career helping small businesses and nonprofit organizations understand that having a robust accounting system leads to growth and success.
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