Strothman+Co In a Strong Place to Support Clients in 2023 & Beyond

At Strothman+Co, we believe old ways don’t open new doors. We’re constantly innovating our practice to bring our clients a range of forward-looking solutions that deliver successful outcomes for all. 

That’s why twice a year, our leaders share everything we’re working on with the Strothman team. Uniting everyone around our strategic plan helps us deliver new, innovative ways to help our clients build wealth. 

Today, we’re sharing the highlights with our wider community. Here is the 2023 State of the Firm. 

Strothman+Co Turns 40

This month, Strothman+Co celebrates a very special milestone: the firm’s 40th birthday. Since Ray Strothman founded Strothman+Co in February 1983, the firm has grown exponentially. 

Today, the Strothman+Co team is over 80 members strong and offers a wide range of services to both organizations and individuals, including audit, assurance, tax planning, outsourced accounting, and more. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have been along on this journey with us. Strothman+Co Founder and President Chairman Ray Strothman reflects: 

“It’s always been our philosophy to develop meaningful partnerships with our clients by doing great work that helps them grow their businesses. Our goal isn’t to help companies survive tax season; it’s to help them thrive and grow over the years and decades to come.”

Our team is excited to celebrate our 40th birthday with a special celebration later this year. But for now, our mind is on the next 40 years. We’re entirely focused on how our holistic and innovative approach will help our clients continue to build wealth for years to come. 

New Team Members Join Strothman+Co

At Strothman+Co, we’re constantly growing. We’re excited to announce the addition of several new team members. Together, we’re confident that the skills and experiences they bring will continue to help our clients excel and progress down the path to success. 

Meet our new team members:

  • Debbie Brown, Bookkeeper
  • Sara Busby, Administrative Assistant
  • Hunter Downs, Audit Staff Accountant
  • Britney Druin, Audit Staff Accountant
  • Maris Oberhausen, Marketing Coordinator

We’re also excited to announce the expansion of the Strothman Wealthcare Team. Please join us in welcoming three experienced Financial Advisors to the team: Shawn Edelen, Michael Joksimovic, and Patrick Gaughan. 

Finally, we’re also excited to welcome six new interns to the Strothman+Co family, underscoring our commitment to developing the next generation of accounting talent. Johana Reiter and Kurt Zurad are joining our Audit team, while Katie Hertz, Jadrian Morris, Benjamin Theintz, and Cody Vaughn join our Tax team. 

Our Team Members Continue to Achieve and Excel

A commitment to excellence is at the heart of everything we do at Strothman+Co. Our team members work hard to provide outstanding service to our clients and continue to receive both external and internal recognition for their accomplishments. 

Rene Valadez, a Senior Manager in our Assurance team, was recently named one of 20 People to Know in Accounting in 2023 by Louisville Business First. Congratulations, Rene!

Additionally, we have two promotions to announce: Katie Reed has been promoted to Senior Manager and Elly Burke has been promoted to Advanced Staff Accountant. Congratulations to both!

Strothman+Co Refocuses Around Core Values & Long-Term Strategic Vision

We recently announced a new set of core values to our team, and today, we’re sharing them externally for the first time. If you’ve worked with Strothman+Co previously, we’re sure these five values will resonate with you. 

We’re confident that our commitment to these values will enable our firm to continue to guide and advise entrepreneurial-minded businesses and individuals using a holistic, innovative approach to wealth building. 

Achieve the Extraordinary.

Ambition. Determination. Integrity. Commitment to excellence, and making our clients the hero: because their wins are our wins, and ours, theirs. This is what extraordinary looks like. And when we achieve it in ourselves, we achieve it for our clients. 

Engage Fearlessly.

Connect. Collaborate. Engage. Listen – and speak up, advocating with passion, truthfulness, and transparency. Embracing and harnessing our individual uniqueness adds up to one big success story that we are writing together. 

Think Big. Ask Why — And Why Not

Open minds let the light in, and curiosity makes a great window. We love to wonder and learn: after all, passion and inspiration drive innovation. As individuals and a team, we support the passion to find out why, and go further. 

Make a Difference.

One spark can light a fire that warms more souls than we know. Actively caring for our teammates and their families, our clients, and our community helps us, too. It’s not just the right thing to do: it’s the best thing

Create and Spread Joy. 

Perspective is everything, and an appreciative outlook makes our success all the richer. We collectively revel in our work and take time to cultivate and share the things that grow joy.

Partner with Strothman+Co Today

At Strothman+Co, we’re excited to serve the needs of entrepreneurial-minded businesses and individuals throughout Kentucky, Indiana, and beyond. If you’re looking for a financial partner that thinks above and beyond the bottom line, Strothman+Co is here to help. 

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Author: Strothman and Company

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