Who’s a Good Fit for Strothman+Co?

At Strothman+Co, it’s our mission to help entrepreneurial businesses grow – at every stage – every day. That’s the principle our firm was founded on, and it’s the same philosophy that each and every Strothman team member brings to every client, every day.

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, our firm partners with entrepreneurial companies of all sizes to help drive long-term growth and financial success. That sees us work with many companies, in all kinds of industries: from real estate and construction firms that build our communities to the nonprofit organizations dedicated to making our world a better place. 

If you’re a business owner, your choice of an accounting firm is perhaps one of the most important choices you’ll ever make. The right firm serves as a long-term partner, acting as a trusted advisor over many years and helping you take your business to heights you might have never thought possible. 

But how do you pick the right partner? One of the most important considerations is understanding whether an accounting firm is a good fit for you, and equally, whether you’re a good fit for them. You need a firm that has the experience and technical knowledge to help take your business to the next level, coupled with a proven track record of navigating the complexities of your industry. 

In this overview, we’ll outline the types of businesses we’re best equipped to serve at Strothman+Co. Read on to discover our philosophy on client relationships, service standards, and more to discover whether we’re a good fit for your accounting needs. 

Big or Small, We’re All About Potential

At Strothman+Co, we work with clients of all shapes and sizes to help uncover the hidden potential in their businesses. If you’re a small business with ambitious plans and huge potential, we’d love to hear from you. 

We started working with one of our longest-standing clients when they were an ambitious one-woman advertising agency. Today, they’re one of the largest advertising agencies in Kentucky. If you’re planning for similar growth, rest assured we understand exactly what’s required. 

Equally, our firm handles a number of clients with revenues over $500 million. We’re a proud member of Allinial Global, a worldwide association of leading accounting firms that work together to solve complex, global challenges. Our membership in this alliance affords us access to the capabilities of much larger CPA firms both here in the U.S. and around the world, ensuring we can support our clients’ every need.  

While we’re not currently equipped to work with publicly traded firms, our team is geared towards the needs of closely-held, owner-led companies of all sizes. Our team is as comfortable navigating the complexities of well-established multi-state manufacturing firms as it is helping innovative firms expand in emerging markets including brewing and hemp production. 

Our Philosophy and Values

At Strothman+Co, our core values are central to everything we do. We bring these values to life in every client relationship and aim to partner with firms that embody similar values. 

Strothman+Co’s core values are:

  • Ambition. Determination. Integrity. Commitment to excellence, and to making our clients the hero: because their wins are our wins, and ours theirs. This is what extraordinary looks like. And when we achieve it in ourselves, we achieve it for our clients

  • Connect. Collaborate. Engage. Listen – and speak up, advocating with passion, truthfulness, and transparency. Embracing and harnessing our individual uniqueness adds up to one big success story that we are writing together.

  • Open minds let the light in, and curiosity makes a great window. We love to wonder and learn: after all, passion and inspiration drive innovation. As individuals and a team, we support the passion to find out why, and go further. 

  • One spark can light a fire that warms more souls than we know. Actively caring for our teammates and their families, our clients, and our community help us, too. It’s not just the right thing to do: it’s the best thing.

  • Perspective is everything, and an appreciative outlook makes our success all the richer. We collectively revel in our work and take time to cultivate and share the things that grow joy.

    Our philosophy towards client relationships begins with a servant mindset. That means we put our clients’ needs above our own and do everything we can to help our clients succeed. Our team members go above and beyond on a daily basis, investing in building long-term relationships with our partners. 

    Even when we’re not actively working on a client engagement, our accountants are constantly ideating new strategies to help our clients reach their financial goals faster. We believe we have a responsibility to educate clients on the steps they could take to improve their accounting processes. That’s true regardless of whether clients proceed with or without our guidance. 

    Our firm places significant value on developing and sustaining long-term relationships. As part of this commitment, our partners make themselves accessible to clients. Unlike other firms, where partners might focus primarily on managing their internal teams, at Strothman+Co, our partners encourage clients to contact them directly throughout and beyond engagements. 

    The Importance of Choosing an Accounting Firm That’s a Good Fit

    As you evaluate potential accounting partners, you’ll quickly discover there is no shortage of accounting firms out there. However, it’s vital you work with the one that represents the best fit for your business. A great accounting firm provides far more value to your business than the fees they charge, helping you lay the financial foundations required to grow your business for years to come.

    If you build a robust working relationship with your accounting firm, the accounting process will be much more efficient for all parties. Without this flow of information, it’s all too easy for important issues to be missed, or for your accounting firm to uncover major problems come tax filing season. Maintaining a constructive, open dialogue with your accounting partners throughout the year helps you make better financial decisions with greater clarity and certainty. 

    Strothman+Co: Your Accounting Partner

    Choosing the right accounting firm is a vital choice, regardless of whether you’re preparing to embark on a period of rapid growth or already operate a successful, well-established business. It’s important to evaluate a range of firms and weigh multiple considerations in your mind before making a final decision. 

    Factors like the firm’s technical capabilities and industry expertise are certainly important considerations, but it’s also important to trust your instincts. It’s vital that you connect with the philosophy and personality of the partners and team that you’re going to be working with on an ongoing basis. 

    Feel like Strothman+Co would be a good fit for your accounting needs? Schedule an initial consultation to learn more about how we can help you achieve your financial goals. 

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    Author: Bill Meyer

    This article was written by Bill Meyer, Managing Partner at Strothman+Co. Bill serves clients in a broad range of industries as they launch, grow, maximize, invest, and sell their businesses. On a regular basis, he can be found assisting with matters such as financial reporting; forecasts and projections; cash management; financing; and business improvement. He provides services in the areas of accounting, assurance, tax planning, valuations, and investment advice. 
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