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Common Cybersecurity Threats & Actions You Can Take

Being proactive with cybersecurity is a must in today’s digital age. If your company uses computer technology at all, you face cybersecurity risks that threaten your everyday operations.

One of the most common challenges is computer viruses. They can enter your IT system by disguising themselves within legitimate programs and documents that execute their malicious codes. To guard against virus threats, be sure to keep all your website and network protection up-to-date, as well as other software and your browser.

If you think there’s a virus on your computer, there are immediate steps you can take to try to identify and resolve the issue.

  • First, run a virus scanner to check for virus presence. If your software run detects a virus, it may identify files that you should delete.
  • Then, you’ll want to disconnect from the internet and reboot your computer.

A virus is a form of malware, and malware is a rampant problem for businesses everywhere. Around 18 million will be infected by malware just this week!

Password attacks are another thing to guard against. Simply put, this involves tricking people into breaking standard security practices or revealing context regarding passwords. Other times, these attacks occur by breaking into password databases or using personal information to guess passwords.

The main way to prevent this kind of threat is to:

  • Regularly update your passwords
  • Implement multi-factor authentication
  • Avoid using the same or similar passwords for more than one account

Here are a few other cybersecurity threats to know by name:

  • Phishing scams
  • SQL Injection
  • Denial of Service

We shared even more about the top cybersecurity challenges on our blog. You might be surprised to hear the challenges don’t all begin on the internet.

The best way to remain informed on these threats and how they happen is to collaborate with trusted professionals who can create a proactive and ongoing plan with you.

Author: Strothman and Company

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