Live Video Webinar – Challenging Times: Choosing the Right Family Business Advisors

promo for family business webinar

Family businesses by their nature are run by owners that wear many hats and oftentimes “grew up” in the business. In these unique and challenging times, experience is everything. It is not unusual for family businesses to seek external expertise and resources. The real challenge for closely held family businesses is navigating through the process to answer some very fundamental questions:

  • Do I need an Advisor?
  • How do I find an Advisor?
  • What kind of Advisor should I be looking for?
  • What results and outcomes should I expect from this engagement?
  • How long should I expect the process to take?
  • What does an Advisor cost and what is the return on my investment?

This live video will answer those questions and more. The purpose is to educate you on the effectiveness and impact of advisors. Including your role and responsibility in the process, and the advisors role and responsibilities. The live video will also cover what types of issues in today’s environment will be most relevant to retaining an advisor.  

The participating business owners will obtain the knowledge and toolset to understand when they need an advisor and how to engage the right advisor. Matthew Saltzman, Director of Strategic Advisory Services, with Strothman and Company will discuss his perspective with our Center Director Isabel C. Botero.

We hope that you can join our conversation on Wednesday, August 5 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST. The live video is free but you must register.